True healing is not just about reversing disease, but how to move forward, living your life after the detoxification process is complete. One of the greatest success stories comes from the gentleman who wrote Chapter 4 in the book C.U.R.E. Anthony had dealt with hypertension for 2 years, following ankle surgery. Both vegan and athletic he wondered why he could not reverse hypertension with a "healthy", vegan diet and exercise.  But, once he began the true healing process of C.U.R.E. in a matter of 6 weeks, the struggle to normalize his blood pressure was over! 

Bombarded with the question "where do you get your protein?" Anthony decided to delve into in depth research and discover why he was able to detoxify his body and still maintain strong athletic performance. This post detox essay Where do you get your protein?will answer that question and explain the extraordinary amount of protein found in a post detox diet, even when one chooses to remain vegan.

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