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True Healing is what Partners in Healing is dedicated to! It is not about the suppression of symptoms or temporary relief. True Healing is NOT about remaining on pills, drugs, or treatments for the rest of your life. It is about guiding the body back to a state of optimal health, function, and wellness; regaining the passion, joy, and fun that life has to offer and being inspired to help others!  

E. Rodriguez

"When I heard of Rosanne Calabrese‚Äôs practice I was intrigued. It didn't matter that I was sent as a guinea pig (to check it out by my husband).  All I knew was that the firefighters that went to see her looked 20 years younger, felt like never before, and had a reversal of serious health issues to being healthy again. All their aches and pains had vanished. I had to experience it for myself.


Having battled high cholesterol for 10 years and nothing I did worked including never eating beef or pork, daily high aerobics and eating lean healthy, I decided to try it before submitting to Rx drugs. 


The energy I felt once at Partners in Healing was remarkable. Everything I was hearing, I knew deep down inside was what I wanted: alternative medicine. I've read plenty on health and nutrition but didn't quite "get it". So I went all in with Rosanne and Diane.


They were patient, extremely supportive, and marvelous! Every question was answered. It was my last try before beginning meds. I started with my detox at 269 total cholesterol on March 23, 2015. And just six weeks later I was at 238 and by September my total cholesterol was 218 without a single pill of what my doctor ordered! Just good old detoxification for 42 days and a plant-based diet free of anything that has eyes, feet, and crawls! I gave up chicken and fish altogether.


! lost 12 pounds and feel 21 at 45! My husband and children are eating 80% fruits for breakfast and more soups and salads as a result! Our lifestyle has changed for the better! My husband was sold and began his detox and lost 20 lbs., got his energy back and looks like he did when we first fell in love! Thank you Rosanne and your staff for giving us a new perspective on life:


Live, love, and laugh on a healthy plant-based living!" 


E. Rodriguez

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