STEP 1 - Remove toxins!

Get rid of all toxins in your environment, both internal and external. That means removing all processed, canned, packaged and preserved foods, as well as hydrogenated oils, stimulants such as salt and caffeine, all animal protein and all dairy from the diet; alcohol and eventually most or all drugs (with the caveat that drugs may take some time to remove during the detox process and their decrease or removal MUST be overseen by a medical doctor).


Remove chemicals from the house, e.g. cleaning products and air-fresheners, and replace them with natural cleaning products. Discard all personal care items that contain toxic chemicals such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, shaving products, and hair colorants, and replace them with products made with natural ingredients.

There are many websites to research toxic products, their hazardous ingredients, and natural replacements.

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