Baba ghanoush, on detox SPECIAL REQUEST!

Hello peeps! Yes you read this right it's special request. A patient called and here is her response (sorry it took so long!).

Here is the DL I had never ever had Baba Ghanoush in my life! So I decided ( for research purposes only😋) to go to a restaurant that I shall not mention, ordered me a plate of this creamy deliciousness. If you have never had this the main ingredient is eggplant and the texture is close to but not the same as hummus. It has a slight smokey flavor and it is a spread that if you like it you will want to put on EVERYTHING!

If you have met me you would know that the only thing I did during my detox process that was not approved was hummus on a Saturday cuz I wanted it so bad with rainbow carrots (I call it my break). Jeez I wish I'd known about this thing it is just delish.

OK enough, now I know some of you go straight for the recipe but for those of you who read the entire thing first thanks and second here are the tips for this recipe:

  • Roast the garlic along with the eggplant. 

  • If you want to glaze the eggplant use honey + lemon juice and top with garlic powder ( it makes it so much better) 

  • Add Herbs and spices at your peril... ( I always experiment and not a lot of spices go with this proven... so far: paprika & smoked paprika, fresh parsley... done) 

  • If you are looking to give this a kick GRILL the eggplant rather than roasting it made a difference!