Rosanne Calabrese, A.P.

Rosanne Calabrese A.P. Nationally Board Certified and Florida State Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Practitioner of Oriental medicine since 2002; Author of C.U.R.E. Cultivating Unlimited Rejuvenating Energy. Certified Level I & II Detoxification specialist from the International School of Detoxification.


Rosanne is a former Miami Dade fire fighter who chose to end her 14-year career with the fire department to pursue her passion in natural healing. Early in her fire department career she developed chronic fatigue syndrome leading to symptoms of headaches, chronic respiratory infections, digestive issues, body pains and overwhelming fatigue. Commonly unresolved by western medicine, it was not until Rosanne discovered natural therapies that she was able to reverse this debilitating syndrome. The ability to completely heal her body through natural means inspired self-study in the art of nutrition and herbology as well as the lifestyle change to veganism. Years later, following the death of her father at the young age of 65, Rosanne returned to school and earned a Bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Partners in Healing was established in 2002 and soon became a thriving acupuncture practice. But by 2010, hard work and a history of being exposed to toxins as a firefighter caught up with Rosanne and she was diagnosed with Grave’s and Hashimoto’s disease. Unwilling to give in to conventional treatment (radiating the thyroid which would render it destroyed), Rosanne once again pursued natural therapies and completely reversed both diseases. That experience generated her detoxification practice as well as the book C.U.R.E. Cultivating Unlimited Rejuvenating Energy.

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