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Feel better following surgery with our all-natural approach that powerfully combines the best of Holistic Therapies with a high level of experience and expertise and

a solid track record of results. 

We help you recover quicker by releasing blockages, increasing
flexibility and providing pain relief from:
  • Knee surgery

  • Hip replacement

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Cancer-related procedures

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  • Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2005.
  • Certified specialist of manual lymphatic drainage and lymphedema through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.
  • Deep tissue therapy and raindrop/relaxation therapy are also part of Isabel’s extensive therapeutic modalities.


  • Lymphatic Drainage is a health-promoting body and face treatment. The light pressure applied during the treatment cleanses tissues of toxins and excess swelling, brings oxygen and nourishment to the cells, reduces pain, and relaxes your body, which makes it very helpful after surgical procedures.

  • Lymphatic Drainage applied before a surgery will help the lymphatic system flush out toxins and prepare the tissues for the procedure.

  • After the surgery, it relieves discomfort and removes cellular debris originated from the trauma caused to body tissues.

  • The gentle touch applied using specific techniques make Lymphatic Drainage the ideal option to assist in the recovery of post-surgical procedures, reducing the congestion and leading to improved overall circulation.

  • After the swelling is minimized other protocols are applied, depending on the type of surgery.

  • Many patients report how good they feel after the therapy and report improvements.



Lymphatic Drainage is the most efficient way to reduce swelling and bruising post-surgery. It greatly reduces healing time by cleansing the extracellular spaces where substances get trapped.



Many doctors prescribe Lymphatic Drainage before and after surgical procedures to make sure their patients get the best possible results from their procedure. This type of massage can help the lymphatic system flush fluids, and jump-start the body's cleansing process.

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Work for improving RECOVERY?


 After many, many years our adult handicapped wheelchair-bound son finally lives without terribly swollen legs.   He was prescribed diuretic pills, wore elastic stockings, doctors and occupational therapists told us to elevate his legs at all times - but none of it helped. If anything he was gradually getting worse. We couldn't even find shoes to fit properly. We happened to hear about Manual Lymph Drainage and were lucky to find a massage therapist who could perform this treatment. It worked! What’s more, it still does even after several years. Manual Lymph Drainage has made a big difference in our son’s life.




             STEP 1: Free Initial Consultation


At your free consultation we will meet one-on-one and discuss your case with the clinician, medical history, medications, and most importantly: Your Goals. This will give you the opportunity to meet us and see if we are a good fit for you. We want to make certain our program will meet your needs successfully, before we move forward to the next step.


              STEP 2: Your Intake


Once you have decided to move forward, we will schedule your intake Appointment.

At this visit, you and the clinician will expand upon what was discussed at the free consultation, with the clinician going deeper into your medical history and symptoms to create a customized treatment plan for you. At this visit, should you choose, you will receive your treatment.



              STEP 3: Your Treatment Plan and Follow-up visits


This is where we move forward with a clear plan for you based on your chosen therapies. The treatment plan usually includes follow up acupuncture sessions, nutritional and herbal medicine, and mind body exercises. It also includes a clear estimate of number of sessions and time to completion



             STEP 4: Your graduation


Once all your symptoms have cleared and you feel vital, and back on track, you are ready for graduation. We will start reducing the frequency of visits and prepare you to exit treatment.  We are going to make room for family and loved ones you are telling about us. Many patients do opt for “periodic” maintenance treatment and visits, but it’s not required.

What are you waiting for? You too can live your best life starting now!


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