Feel your best, return to a pain-free lifestyle with an all-natural approach that powerfully combines the best of holistic therapies with a high level of experience, expertise

and a solid track record of results*.

* Individual results may vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and

your results will depend on many factors.

We've experienced GREAT SUCCESS with reducing the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia
  • Increased serotonin levels

  • Decreased stress hormones

  • Decreased substance P levels

  • Improved sleep

  • Decreased pain at tender points

  • Improved overall sense of well-being

  • Decreased inflammation

"People living with fibromyalgia can find significant relief with different kinds of bodywork, especially with Bamboo-Fusion Massage, which is very therapeutic and deeply relaxing, and designed to relieve the pain and/or tension caused by fibromyalgia."

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  • Licensed Massage Therapist for over 19 years with a multi-dimensional practice.
  • Skilled at Reflexology, Bamboo-fusion Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Energy Healing, Thai Herbal Ball Massage, Dry Skin Brushing, Ear Candling, and Essential Oils.
  • She is an expert in holistic living, plant-based nutrition, raw foods, and metaphysics as well as a Detoxification Specialist certified by the International School of Detoxification.

Why are bodywork, holistic nutrition, and detoxification so popular for treating fibromyalgia?

  • Many people are interested in using massage and other natural treatments as an alternative form of medical treatment. People are realizing the benefits of traditional therapies. They aren't turning their back on western medicine, but they're finding complementary therapies.

  • Many other people are turning to massage therapists for relaxation.

  • More and more people are interested in having sessions with these health-care practitioners. And more doctors are referring patients to massage therapists. A massage isn't simple. Many different techniques and theories can be applied. Massage therapists can help relieve sore and stiff muscles, loosen muscles that can control pain. Overall, It can lead to overall better health. Massage can also help with psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • People living with fibromyalgia can find significant relief with different kinds of bodywork, especially with Bamboo-Fusion Massage. Bamboo-Fusion Massage is very therapeutic and deeply relaxing. The heated bamboo sticks help to penetrate tight muscles, soften ligaments and allow to customize the pressure to the patient’s needs.

  • Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain and persistent fatigue. Joint stiffness and sleep disturbances are also common with fibromyalgia. All these symptoms can be reduced significantly through regular Bamboo-Fusion (warm bamboo massage) in combination with other modalities and natural treatments such as holistic nutrition, detoxification and botanical formulas.

Studies have shown that individuals with fibromyalgia can experience lots of benefits from massage therapy in combination with other natural treatments
Relaxes Muscles

Increases endorphins

Weak Muscles


Heart Rate

Improves Range of Motion


Blood Pressure

The importance of touch (and massage) in human relationships cannot be overestimated. When we are infants, our first positive sensation after the shock of birth is the touch of loving hands. As children, we run to our loved ones for reassurance and care, or just for a goodnight cuddle. Too often as we get older, we lose the understanding of why touch matters every day. For pain patients, touch may even turn into something negative, with every fiber of the body screaming in pain at the slightest contact.

But here’s the thing: massage for fibromyalgia can help pain patients learn how to relax into positive, healing touch again. Not only does each session feel great, but also the therapeutic benefits are compounded when massage is utilized as a frequent therapy.

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The day of my first appointment, I could barely walk and was extremely fragile both physically and emotionally. I’ll never forget how kind Veronique was. She treated me with such dignity and I knew then that I had found the help I had so desperately looked for and none could previously provide. Three weeks later I was in much less pain and able to move around more easily. Thank you Veronique for giving me back my life.




             STEP 1: Free Initial Evaluation


At your free evaluation, we will explore the treatment option with Pain Assessment of 18 tender points, symptoms, pain intensity, physical functioning, depression, fatigue, sleep, diet, lifestyle.


              STEP 2: Detailed Assessment and Treatment Plan


This step involves a thorough 90 minutes Initial Consultation with a health assessment, food journal, and iridology. At the end of the Initial Consultation, a customized protocol is presented to you to guide you towards the transformation you have been looking for. A series of massage therapy sessions including bamboo-fusion massage (warm bamboo massage), connective tissue, reflexology, shiatsu and incorporation of essential oils, diet transition coaching, detoxification coaching with herbal formulas and iridology.



              STEP 3: Active Treatment, Symptom Resolution and Treatment Optimization


Not only does each session feel great, but also the therapeutic benefits are compounded when massage is utilized as a frequent therapy. The more you go, the healthier you feel. With a Partners In Healing Membership, you can enjoy these benefits from massage for Fibromyalgia as often as you'd like. Monthly dues include a one-hour massage session and unlimited additional one-hour sessions at the low membership rate.

We are here to give all the support you need during your treatment and beyond. Maintaining a strong foundation and sturdy framework for fibromyalgia management is key with massage/bodywork, exercise, diet changes, botanicals, stress management and lifestyle changes.



             STEP 4: Your graduation


Once all your symptoms have cleared and you feel vital, and back on track, you are ready for graduation. We will start reducing the frequency of visits and prepare you to exit treatment.  We are going to make room for family and loved ones you are telling about us. Many patients do opt for “periodic” maintenance treatment and visits, but it’s not required.

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over.... it became a butterfly."
Trust the process of change and transformation
as you learn to create vibrant health!
What are you waiting for?
You can feel good and live your best life starting now!


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