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Deborah Hennessy Grossman, RN

Deborah Hennessy Grossman is a registered nurse with fifteen years experience in a hospital setting as a labor and delivery nurse. Deborah started her training in homeopathic medicine and energy medicine in 1986. After the loss of her daughter in 2001 Deborah went back to school at St Thomas University in a graduate level program with a certification in grief and healing. She was the primary practitioner at the Hollywood Healing Center which closed in 2016 at which time she started writing her novel: Shards of a Timeless Heart to be published in 2020. Deborah lives in Hollywood Florida and utilizes her Jacobsen Resonator located in her home when needed. The resonator is a powerful healing tool utilizing quantum energy fields to balance the body on a sub-atomic level. She has worked with patients with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, headaches and lyme’s disease, to name a few.

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