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Interactive Webinars

Join our Webinars every other Tuesday @ 6:15pm EST!

Interactive Webinars

Join our Webinars every other Tuesday @ 6:15pm EST!

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Meet Rosanne


Rosanne Calabrese A.P. Nationally Board Certified and Florida State Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Practitioner of Oriental medicine since 2002; Author of C.U.R.E. Cultivating Unlimited Rejuvenating Energy. Certified Level I & II Detoxification specialist from the International School of Detoxification.

Holistic therapies


From Acupuncture to Chiropractic Care, Manual Therapies and more, we provide our patients with holistic care personalized for their unique needs. We strive to truly create a partnership between the patient and practitioners, enabling each patient to reach their optimal state of wellness.

When it comes to making life changes, all the little extras that are missing in the process of healing naturally can be found here.

Detoxification is the art and science of clearing the body of toxic build-up caused by a highly acidic diet, wastes products of metabolism, environmental pollutants such as fluoride, petrochemicals, artificial food colors, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and medications. This laundry list of toxins is highly inflammatory, creating a condition called ACIDOSIS. Acidosis is a state in which cells, tissues, and organs begin to break down and eventually malfunction, leading to what western medicine calls disease. Disease is but a symptom of a lengthy process and the result of acidosis! 

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