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What is detoxification?
Detoxification is the science of clearing the body of toxic build up caused by a highly acidic diet (to be discussed in future blogs), wastes products of metabolism, environmental toxins such as pollution, fluoride, chemicals, artificial food colors, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and medications. This laundry list of toxins are acid-forming in the body, creating a condition called ACIDOSIS. Acidosis is a state in which cells, tissues and organs become inflamed and begin to break down and eventually malfunction. This is what alopathic doctors call disease. But disease is just the process of acidosis! 

In order then, to detoxify the body and reverse disease, there is a very specific (yet simple) process.

STEP 1- Remove toxins! 
Get rid of all toxins in your environment both internal and external. That means removing all processed, canned, packaged and preserved foods as well as hydrogenated oils, stimulants such as salt and caffeine, alcohol and drugs (drugs may take some time to remove in the detox process) dead animal and all dairy from the diet. Get chemicals out of the house and use natural cleaning products and self care products.Start right now by doing a self manual lymph drain.

STEP 2- Alkalize your diet! 
EAT WHAT IS NATURAL TO YOUR SPECIES! Alkalizing the diet means eating fruit and vegetables. These are alkaline foods that cleanse the body from cells to lymph to blood. Fruit and vegetables have long been known for their healing and strengthening properties as well as their ability to do no harm to the body in the first place. Yes, even diabetics can eat fruit and heal their body. 

Fruit is what the homo sapien is designed to eat. We not only survive but THRIVE on fruit. Fruit gives us energy, water, vitamins and minerals and yes even amino acids-the building blocks of nature. Vegetables are even greater builders and also give us energy, vitamins, minerals and water. The best part is that these alkaline foods will neutralize the acid which leads to acidosis, inflammation and dis-ease! 

Here are some helpful guides and recipes to get you started on your detox journey:

STEP 3- Clean house! 
Now that you stopped the pollution from coming in and are alkalizing your body, it is time to bring in the cleaners. What are the cleaners of the cells, tissue, lymph and blood? HERBS!!!!! Herbs are nature's janitors and repair men. Herbs clean out toxins and rejuvenate tissue, allowing the body to function normally and naturally. Herbs are some of the most potent medicines on the planet but with one very important difference from allopathic medicine (drugs). HERBS do not kill you! They are not acidic, are very effective, are inexpensive, are safe and work quickly to heal the body. Knowing what herbs to take is the challenge and that where a natural physician such as myself, comes in.